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Dj hire prices consider reading.

Cheap DJ or Professional Mobile Discos?

What  prices  can you expect to pay to hire mobile discos?
Typically depending on your location, a DJ will charge between £150 and anything up to £1000, sometimes more.
Price is dependent on many factors, the main one being the experience they have and the service provided.
Weddings typically cost more because a professional DJ will put a lot of time into the preparation leading up to the wedding reception. Many offer additional services such as wedding planners to manage music requests, up lighting to enhance the venue and PA systems for speeches.
The cheaper disco tends to have less experience and in most cases are part time seeking additional income, although they have the passion just the same as the professional.
Some functions and parties may be suited to the cheap end of the market while some deserve a little more.
A new DJ has to start somewhere so the prices they quote reflects this. If you have a low key party in the local pub, you probably want a cheaper disco, give a new or part time DJ the experience needed. If you are spending £15000 on a Wedding then paying between £500 and £1000 for the evenings entertainment looks reasonable, after all the wedding cake probably cost this, and the wedding dress far more.
People tend to think the DJ works 4-5 hours of an evening, however so much more goes into the preparation.
Firstly  music play lists have to be organised, pre booking meetings with the client, loading equipment, travelling, packing up then travelling again so one nights work can run into many hours.
Secondly  these days disco operators need insurance, music licences, portable appliance testing  (PAT)  and obviously the purchasing of the music, equipment, transport costs such as fuel and general maintenance of it. So before the Disco company earns anything, a considerable cost is incurred before any music is played.
Thirdly  Professional DJs work unsociable hours, weekends, Christmas, New Years Eve and therefore deserve to be rewarded for this.
Other services you may find the professional offering is Mood lighting, photo Booths, PA hire and glow sticks (for the children). Taking this all into account when you inquire about a booking ask yourself why does one company charge £100 and another £1000.
There is a market for all DJs both the cheap and more expensive, you just have to decide what your requirements are as a customer.
We in no way encourage you to look for the cheap disco, we feel you should understand that if you want a professional DJ who offers a superb service, you should expect to pay for this and understand they have devoted many years to the industry, as well as paying the bills they have passion for what they do and many work to very high standards and those standards do not come cheap.
Remember don’t just compare the prices, compare the service offered by the disco.
The DJ should never compromise or compete on price, instead concentrate on the service offered, this should never be second to price as a good service will be remembered long after the price paid will.
Remember if the Entertainment is for a wedding, the performer you choose should be given as much importance as the Venue, cake, flowers and photographer. Choosing the wrong entertainer could spoil all the other careful preparation you have made so don’t leave it until the last minute as many good DJs are booked well in advance.
I hope whoever you book you have a fabulous evening. whether you are having a wedding, 18th birthday party or private function.

New Years Eve, Christmas Prices
You can normally expect DJs to charge more during this period. Demand is higher and New Years Eve especially you can expect to pay double. Just like any other worker that night, restaurant staff, bar staff, taxi home, all normally get double pay for this particular evening. Most parties also go on much longer than usual. So don’t be suprised to pay a minimum £500 for this night.


ProDub Licence
Do discos need a music licence?
If a DJ is copying, burning or transferring songwriters, composers and musicians work from their vinyl, CD, MP3 or CD+G collection onto a digital format such as an MP3 player, flash drive or laptop for use in professional or semi-professional work, they will need to purchase a ProDub Licence.
The ProDub Licence allows an individual to copy music they own onto various formats and devices, such as from their CDs to their laptop, for the purpose of using that device or format to undertake professional or semi-professional performances, such as those undertaken by DJs, karaoke jockeys, fitness instructors, performers etc.
If the DJ uses Digital music, PC, Ipod, Laptop with digital media such as MP3, they will require a produb licence.
You can check here to see if the DJ has a  Produb Licence  Listed by individual not company name.
NOTE  Recent changes mean Pubs, clubs and other small venues will now be able to put on live amplified music between 8am and 11pm without the need for a  licence.(Venues with capacities of under 200)

A few things to ask the DJ or mobile disco you book
Can a play list be provided?
Does the disco have spare equipment?
Do they have insurance?
Can you meet them to discuss your plans?
Can you use a microphone for speeches?
Will they dress appropriately for a Wedding?
Has the disco worked at the venue before?
If the disco is for young Children ask for a CRB certificate?
Do they work at regular functions, ask for a reference as these venues use their services on a regular basis for a reason.
Remember a DJ can have a bad day just like anyone else, so regular clients have a better knowledge of their service and reliability.

When making a booking, ensure you sign a booking form reading all the information provided so that both you and the DJ have a permanent record of the booking made. If they will not provide any you would be advised to look at a DJ that will. Communicate with the disco company you hire a week or two prior to your event and ensure there are no problems.

Good Songs to play at a party
Thinking of having a party but want to know what music to play.
Try looking at our most requested song list by decade, genre and new tunes on our Facebook page

Quotes and Prices
Provide information that will make the quote accurate
Does the venue have parking restrictions
Is the function room accessed by stairs
Time you expect the party to run and what time the Disco can be set up
Additional services required, Speeches, lighting, smoke machine,photo booth
Style of music preferred
Dress code, is the function a Black Tie event.
Do any guest suffer Photosensitive epilepsy

The Party Venue
When looking for a venue to have a reception or party several factors need considering.
Price , location, facilities, parking, size would all need to be taken into consideration.
Firstly decide on your budget. Make sure the venues you consider are in a location not only suitable for you but situated in a good location for guests too. Ensure parking is available and book a venue that is large enough to accommodate the guests you invite
Can smoke machines be used at the venue (Smoke and haze machines will transform the lighting used creating diffused lighting effects which really do add to the effect of modern disco lighting)
Does the Hotel or Hall have blackout blinds( no point in a large light show in the summer if they don’t)
Up Lighting, does the venue have power at the points you want the lighting placed
Think of your guests, you don’t want cables running where it can be a hazard
Do they require insurance from the disco
What time do they have a music license for ( no point booking a disco to 1am if the license is midnight)
Can the DJ have access early to set up the equipment
Do they provide a dance floor
Are sound limiters used at the venue

Why Book A Disco?
Mobile discos offer affordable entertainment for parties. When making a booking you not only receive the sound equipment, lighting, DJ, insurance and music but you also have it delivered, set up , taken down and removed all for the quoted price. You can then concentrate on enjoying your party with friends and family leaving the entertainment to others.

Can you do it cheaper as I have had better quotes?
Most likely the performer provides a service that deserves the fee quoted, so why would a professional discount a quality service to compete with others?
The cheap disco quote probably does not offer a like for like service. But as in all walks of life expensive does not always mean better, sometimes quality can be affordable at a lower price. ©2012

The professional DJ you book will help create the atmosphere and party vibe both you and your guests have been waiting for.
With the age of Digital music, a DJ can now have a vast music library which should help make sure both you and your guests have the music you like.

Reading the dance floor is vital for your party to be a success, the music needs to be popular with the guests.

Modern lighting is a big advantage today as most discos use  LED  lighting which is not only safer, but it gives out room filling colourful displays of light even without the use of haze or smoke machines.
Modern equipment used by most discos will give professional sound quality making the venue a pleasant theatre of sound ideal for your party venue

The cost of being a mobile DJ
The cost of being a mobile DJ can start off with very basic equipment if bought new possibly for around £1000. However a DJ who looks for quality, reliability and a good brand name will spend much more. Professional DJs, those that rely on the equipment for a living can spend well in excess of £10,000
You have DJs that have been in business for many years, invested a small fortune in equipment, music, insurance, and gained many years of experience providing a professional reliable service.
Is a price comparison for their services worthwhile, who do you want at your wedding?
Remember you are not buying car insurance on a comparison website, you are looking for reliability, experience, professionalism, so don’t think the cheapest mobile disco prices received is necessarily the best way to have a night you will want to remember.

More DJ Work
The best way to find mobile dj work is to start off offering your services for free to local schools and local charity events. This will get you noticed by potential clients locally to you. Unless you have a very large promotional budget, personal recommendation is always the best way to get more work.

ASK for a venue reference that the DJ does on a regular basis, a pub, hotel, club, know who you are booking

After months of considering the entertainment to take centre stage at your party, and even longer looking for the venue. Now you are ready to book a DJ and create the atmosphere.
If the Disco provides an event planner, remember to include details in your party invitations so guests can participate in the evenings music requests.
Now it is Time to party!

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