LED Disco Lighting
The main advantage for the DJ is that there are no costly bulbs to replace.
LED lights will have at least one years regular use before the LED diodes start to fade or fail.
Manufacturers often state the life expectancy as being much longer, but this tends not to be the case.
Power consumption is much lower, a typical lighting effect using a halogen bulb could consume 250w per effect, whereas an LED effect would use approximately 30w when comparing light source energy
Moving heads or scanners on both halogen and LED use slightly more relative to each other as motors also require power.

Halogen lights generate a significant amount of heat even from short periods of operation.They are only 30% efficient with 70% of the energy used to power it given off in the form of heat, meaning that halogen bulbs are not energy efficient.
With LED lights however 80% of electricity used is given off as light energy, thus producing very little heat and far more efficient
Something to consider if you want to help the environment.

LED projectors, moonflowers and gobo lights can fill a room with a spectrum of light making any venue come to life.
The cost of these to the disco is much more affordable and virtually maintenance free. In some cases it is cheaper to replace the light than repair it.
With most venues prohibiting the use of smoke machines, LED effects are a perfect solution as they work just as well without the need of smoke or haze.
Do your bit for the environment and use low energy LED lighting for your party, you will notice no difference, in fact it will most likely look better, more light less power.
When booking a DJ ask for LED lighting, most already use them but some still prefer the old energy consuming lights.
Most often the DJ becomes obsessive with his/her light display and the thought of change is difficult. The more a customer asks for these the sooner more DJs will convert and do their little bit to be greener and Eco friendly.
The future is bright, the future is LED Disco lighting.

Popular manufacturers include:
American DJ
Top Light